AU is a shield for dictators


They, the so called Africans are plotting here in Addis Ababa to get a licence to oppress African people and exploit the continent`s resources without any consequences. Allowing with drawl from ICC is undermining justice and reinforcing violence and violation of Human Rights.

AU is nothing but a shield for dictators to abuse the power .they were given by the people, through their greed, Africa will continue to be exploited for resources while the children of Africa starve and slaughter each other  for crumbs. Africans who try to rise for change are killed and intimated. The images of Africans continue to deteriorate not because of history of colonialism but because the leaders suppress the people to be independent or the government that delivers more poverty while selling Africa wealth to highest bidders.

Prime minister Hailmariam Desalgn claims that Africa born organizations is too much concerned about African people than any others organizations .But in history of AU there has not been a single time that AU has raised its concern to stop the massacre of innocents, The plight of millions of refuges. most regimes in Africa have designed a political system that is sustained by corruption and repression and are not strong enough to tolerate dissent .AU rule for themselves and for Africa dictators not for the poor and for the innocent how come these organization can bring justice and keep the continents interest?

African criminal in powerful get protected by other African criminals in power ,the fact that the union is African born organization that does not add up to or mean, it is in the interest of Africans ,it is instead protect the interests of the most corrupt and powerful few .As far as I know there was and is not time that the AU has brought or condemned the perpetrator of atrocity to justice .In fact these killers were /are among the union whom they condemn to. Their courts are impotent to yield justice for voiceless and powerless and yet Prime Minister Hailmariam Desalgn theory shows how ignorant he is, it makes me think he has disconnected from facts.

African leader want green light to commit atrocity on their own citizens by claiming that ICC is racist. Let’s see the atrocity committed in Sudan, in Liberia, in Ethiopia, in Uganda, in Libya and in all across the continent .these leaders are shameless, they talk about injustice these aging and corrupt autocrats who see their own citizens as their private garden.

They want send a message that they are discriminated and they are singled out etc. and yet they never treat their own peoples as human beings, they never work for their own people, they never get elected, they never solve injustice in the court instead their gun and prison are their tools .prison in Africa are full of people /kids, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, young and old/.they simply are a shame of Africa ,they have no single moral authority to talk the injustice and the discrimination that they never had and have in their country legal system. They deny natural rights of their own people .Their jails are full of innocent people who want to stand against the injustice, they prosecute and kill the voiceless and the helpless their own other than their families and associates. They destroy families, they kill kids, rape women, deprive millions a right to live in their own land and they commit other countless atrocity against humanity, they consume the most resource of their land ,they are greedy, selfish and corrupt and yet their millions citizens are starving and have not access of basic necessity like water, food, house/shelter /and school.

What I have said is in most Africa state there is a broken justice system, leaders who kill and destroy or commit atrocity in their own people and get away with it .who hold them accountable that is ICC .It is time for the  western nations and Americans to stand with the people instead of supporting armed criminal political regimes.