Assassinating popular leaders will only invigorate the people


On Thursday November 7, 2013; the Valiant Ginbot 7 Popular Force intelligence unit foiled the assassination plot that targeted the secretary of Ginbot 7: Movement for Justice, Freedom and democracy, and commanders and high ranked officers of Ginbot 7 Popular Force. This futile attempt by the coward TPLF regime that took place in Eritrea territory is yet another sign and proof that this blood-stained regime cannot and does not survive without spilling the blood of innocent Ethiopians. Ginbot 7 and the Ethiopian people at large are outraged by the TPLF regime’s recent assassination attempt, and they strongly denounce this shameful act that does not serve any purpose.

In the last twenty two years, the TPLF leaders assaulted or killed anyone who dare did anything to slightly oppose them, they hated one group of innocent people for no apparent reason, and they even managed to turn one of the most peaceful country in the world into a land of hate politics. All in all, genocide, hate, random killing, mass killing and now targeted killing – the TPLF regime has no shortage of reasons for guilt. Ginbot 7, Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy praises the heroic acts of the Ginbot 7 Popular Force in foiling the assassination attempt on its leaders and commanders, and uses this opportunity to pass a clear message to the arrogant TPLF leaders that Ginbot 7 Popular Force is part of the popular struggle that will never and can never be undermined by killing its leaders. In its attempt to perpetuate its power, the TPLF regime has gone to another inglorious dimension of targeted assassination of political leaders. Ginbot 7 wants to remind the TPLF regime and its killing squad that the shame and the sour defeat they were forced to swallow on Thursday November 7 is just the tip of the iceberg.

Once again, Ginbot 7 denounces the recent cowardly act of the Ethiopian regime in its strongest sense, and wants to remind the Ethiopian people that this is a wakeup call that must be answered with due diligence. Torturing and killing popular leaders has always been a worthless coward act that invigorates the people and creates more courageous leaders. We Ethiopians should cheerfully acknowledge that in its futile attempt to harm us, our enemy has wounded itself, now it’s up to us to hit the nail on the coffin.

We shall overcome!

Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy


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