Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF), Amhara Democratic Movement Force (ADMF) and Ginbot 7 Popular Force united


            Many political parties and organizations lacking unity and common goal have fought hard for decades to end dictatorship in Ethiopia. The ever increasing number of the political organizations and their failure to work together has enabled longevity for the minority dictatorial regime that would and should have been in the dustbin of history long time ago.

          We believe it’s about time that all concerned individuals and groups that understand and see the deep hole that our nation finds itself, must pause and reflect on the backbreaking path we traveled and the critical juncture we have reached.

           For years, the Ethiopian people have been demanding for a united political front, and we the various political forces that struggle to make the people the only source of power in Ethiopia have envisioned that a united political force and collective struggle is not an option, but an indispensible necessity.

          Today, the call of the Ethiopian people for a united political front has been answered with the first and initial step. Our long term vision and desire to create a broader united front that ultimately leads to a strong united Ethiopia has materialized with this initial step. With this initial step, the following three political entities have completed the preconditions to merge their organizations, and have vowed to pay all the necessary sacrifices that the struggle requires to make the Ethiopian people masters of their destiny.

We the three organizations that have reached an agreement towards the merger are:

1. The Ethiopian People Patriotic Front
2. Ginbot 7, Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy
3. Amhara Democratic Forces Movement

           We want to let the Ethiopian people and friends of Ethiopia know that we the undersigned organizations have agreed to work together in all aspects and facets of the struggle during the transition period.
Unity is power!!!

The Ethiopian People Patriotic Front, Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy, Amhara Democratic Forces Movement