Eritreans are much better off under the Italian colony than the successive regime that came to their land.Eritrea enjoyed better expression of freedom and opinion than Ethiopia before its federation with Ethiopia .Its infrustructure was much more developed.         when the United Nations organized a referendum before its federation with Ethiopia nearly 50% has voted for independence ,very few for union with Ethiopia,some for unity with sudan and the other wanted for the return of Italian rule.But Ethiopia used its leverage in the United nations ,Its friendly relation with the then super powers and federated Eritrea  with Ethiopia contrary to the peoples will and choice.

            Haileselasie abolished the federation soon and replaced Tigrigna and Arabic which were the official languages of Eritrea with Amharic.religion oppression on Eritrea Muslims  began soon.following this few Eritreans started started an armed struggle led by Idris Awate.Idris Awate is the father of Eritrean armed struggle .The rebels were able to secure financial and military aid from the middle east Nations.During the 1974 Ethiopian revolution the rebels surround Eritrean capital Asmara.Another rebels were also formed in Eritrea led by isayas Afeworki commonly called shabia .shabia and jabha the former Eritrean rebel has fought each other for their supremacy in Eritrea.Which ended in the defeat and disbandment of Jabha.Jabha was predominantly a Muslim dominated force

            Shabia were able to form a more organized rebel in Eritrea.Which included all religions and ethnic groups in Eritrea.One of the major war shabia engaged with Ethiopian Military were the red star campaign.The red star campaign was a mission to destroy Shabia who were mainly based in The Eritrean mountain of Nakfa .The Ethiopian army also faced other rebel groups with in Ethiopia . TPLF later which become EPRDF,OLF,ONLF and other small factions too.Besides Ethiopians also wanted change and the Army was exhausted of the civil war.TPLF(EPRDF) entered Addis Ababa by deafeating the Derg Army on May 29,1991 and Shabia entered Eritrean capital Asmara with out firing a shot on May24,1991.

         Shabia and weyanne went to war after a few years of their grab on power over disagreement on economic issues.the war claimed the lives of 70,000 people on both sides and resulted in immense economic damage on Eritrea.Ethiopia shifted its use of port entirely to Djibouti.

         Eritrean economy started to deteriorate quickly as the regime in Asmara become increasingly authoritarian and Africas North korea.Hundreds of thousands of Eritreans fled their home country in search of freedom and peaceful life.The Ethio-Eritrea conflict is not yet solved due to Ethiopias refusal to hand over Badme to Eritrea.The United nations has put a sanction on Eritrea alleging it of supporting terrorist groups in Somalia.




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