Berhanu Nega went to Asmara via Egypt


Last January, Ginbot 7 merged with another Eritrea-based rebel group “Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front (EPPF, a.k.a Arbegnoch Ginbar)” under the name “Patriotic Ginbot-7″ with Berhanu Nega and Meazaw Getu as co-chairpersons. Later in July, Berhanu Nega relocated to Eritrea to lead the armed struggle close by.

In September, “Patriotic Ginbot-7″and TPDM as well as two little known Eritrea-based rebels formed a coalition, “United Front for Salvation of Ethiopia”, with Berhanu Nega (PhD) of Patriotic Ginbot 7 as chair and Mola Asgedom of TPDM as deputy. Four days later, TPDM fighters along with Mola Asgedom fled to Ethiopia.

Berhanu Nega (PhD), professor at Bucknell University, secretly travelled to Eritrea without even being escorted by its affiliate media ESAT. His decision to relocate to Eritrea was reported days later, while his voice was not heard on radio for two months. He has yet to appear on Skype despite several promises to do so to his North American supporters. The matter created speculation regarding his health and freedom of movement in the media.

While his absence from ESAT and Eritrea’s television (EriTV) remains a mystery, his secret travel secretly to Eritrea was warranted by safety considerations. Berhanu’s deputy, Andargachew Tsige, ended up in Ethiopian prison when he was travelling to Asmara via Yemen.

Berhanu Nega apparently made the judicious choice of travelling through Egypt, which has been backing all sorts of Ethiopian rebels for half-a-century.


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