armed Somali group operating in Somalia influenced by Jihadi propaganda of extreme Islamic ideology. Though Somalis are mainly Muslims they have been practising a moderate version of Islam.After the collapse of Somalia and the end of Ziad Bare regime Somalia plunged in to civilwar .Somalia is unable to get out of the crisis it has been for decades. The American attempt to stabilize Somalia failed after the shooting down of America’s  Apache Helicopter and dragging down of an American soldier on the streets of Mogadishu.The Americans with draw from Somalia and Somalia was forgotten and it’s people were fleeing en mass to all over the world .The world has forgotten Somalia and it become the only failed  state in the world.

Some Western companies also started to dump industrial wastes on the off shore of Somalia as it has no Navy to control it’s water territory. A group of Somalis started to patrol the offshore of Somalia with boats . Which letter changed to piracy.

After the 9/11 attack on the US soil and with the rise of Alshaba the United States shifted it’s policy towards Somalia.The democracy and good governance of neighbouring countries was put aside and priority was given to fighting terrorism .Hundreds of millions of dollar aid package was given to neighbouring countries in return to fighting terrorism in Somalia.The US has also opened a drone base in Arbaminch to strike any extremist group in Somalia .

Alshabab become the main extremists group following the defeat of the Union of Islamic courts .It imposed strict Sharia law on the territorys it controlled .Ethiopias effort to defeat the group was successful. But it was unable to bring peace and stability to Somalia .Alshabab has been striking neighbouring Uganada and Kenya with the wave of terror but no incident has so far happened in Ethiopia. With the recent wave of uprising in Ethiopia and the withdrawal of some Ethiopian troops Alshabab was resurrecting and controlling large swaths of Somalia .


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