Tesfaye Gebreab


Tesfaye gebreab is an Ethiopian born journalist of Eritrean origin.He is very well know for his author of the book the diary of the Journalist (yegazetgnaw mastawesha)which exposed the deeds of the weyanne regime.He him self was able to achieve the highest post with in TPLF regime which he later abandoned it and asked for asylum in the Netherlands.I tried to create communication with him via Facebook  but all my attempts were unsuccessful .

His book was widely read in Ethiopia. In fact it was difficult to get his book physically due to the political nature of the book and majority of the peoples read it by soft copy.It exposed the crimes committed by the regime including the assassination of the father of the famous singer Ababo Derare by now the board chairman of Ethiopian Airlines.

Almost all  of the computers at Ethiopian airlines have a secret spy ware program called key logger which is used to record every keystroke made by a computer user, especially in order to gain access to passwords and other confidential information.


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