Ethiopia : Ethiopian anti-hijackers,Ethiopian passport and the rampant corruption


      Ethiopian airlines anti hijackers are mostly former TPLF fighters.They are recruited mainly based on their loyalty to the regime since they are under the National Intelligence Security Services.Apart from their salary they were able to make millions of  birr from the smuggling of goods(cell phones,laptops and electronic items) to the country .as per Ethiopian law it’s illegal to enter goods to the country with out paying the proper tax and it’s even punishable in the penal code but the law doesn’t apply for them.One of the guy who facilitates their trade is Fasil .Fasil is an Ethiopian who lives in Guangzhou his wife Tihut works in The Airport. He buys and delivers the items to them up on their arrival .He lives in a fancy apartment in which they rented for him in Guangzhou.Their business is widely know by top officials but it’s kept secret .They are even immune from any prosecution related to this.

          I met Frezgi via his sister Fortuna Tesfamichael  .Frezgi arrived to Ethiopia by paying 600USD to smugglers via the Ethio-sudan border .He did same thing when he left Eritrea he payed for Higdef around 800USD.Their family were deported from Ethiopia following the 1998-2000 ethio-eritrean  war.When Ethiopia deported 70% of Eritreans living in Ethiopia. Eritreans who were born and grew up in Ethiopia are called AMCE.He was immediately able to acquire Ethiopian passport by paying 2000USD to the employees of Main department for immigration and Nationality affairs by changing his name to Daniel. His attempt to go to France was unsuccessful. He only went to the immigration office to give his finger print. And the passport was delivered soon.


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