Ethiopia : Military and intelligence equipment support to TPLF


EPRDF has set up a cyber Intelligence unit called INSA .The Ethiopian government was once sued by the US citizen for installing a finfisher malware on his computer which recorded his private Skype call for months. Finfisher was used to target members of the Ethiopian political movement Ginbot 7.

The role of social media in protests and revolution has received considerable media attention in recent years.current conventional wisdom has it that social media have made regime changes easier to organize and underlying assumptions is that social media is making it more difficult to sustain an authoritarian regime.The blockage of all social media by TPLF is to make it difficult for the society to get an impartial information regarding what’s happening in the country. The main stream media feeds the society with positive and pro EPRDF news.

The German surveillance technology  company Trovicor has supplied the Ethiopian NISS with surveillance equipment. Trovicor proposal was to double the governments Internet surveillance capacity. INSA has used offensive malware from Italy based hacking team in 2013 and 2014 to target journalists.with Trovicor plan analyst’s would be able to locate a mobile caller based on his or her proximity to cell phone towers.Trovicor was ultimately chosen to expand network interception capacity according to the January 2010 plan .In June 2011 the company sent a shipment to the NISS security agency from Munich to Frankfurt and onwards to AddisAbaba via an Ethiopian Airways flight.