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A genuine leaders is not a searcher of consensus but a molder of consensus –Martine Luther King

Professor Berhanu Nega, Patriotic Ginbot 7 Chairman

In May 21, 2011 when I wrote: ‘Why I admire Dr. Berhanu Nega?’ it wasn’t because I know the man personally. Nor it is his personality; tough you can’t help but appreciate his confidence as a true child of Ethiopia. I did care less about his background or what his profession means either. It defiantly wasn’t because he is against Woyane just for the sake of it. Nor, do I believe in personality cult that misled many from taking responsibility of their own on the important issues of our people.

What Birhanu portrayed to me was a leader with character –a commitment to a cause and a moral clarity to achieve what his organization stood for.

The way he eloquently communicates his organization’s objective in liberating the people of Ethiopia from second rated tyranny was a fresh air you cannot help but breathe and feel good about all day; especially in a toxic political environment in the Era of Woyane .

He reminded me of our forefathers’ character of decisiveness that inspired millions to defeat every conceivable enemy our people faced for 1000s of years. If you think about it, it is what is needed in contemporary Ethiopia –the Kinijit sprit to say our people come first.

Regardless of what we think one-way-or-another, what sets Berhanu Nega and his compatriots apart is their confidence in the people of Ethiopia — willing to submit for their wishes that matters the most from opportunism we saw in the last four decades.

Therefore, no matter what; Dr. Berhanu Nega and his compatriots changed how we see leadership in contemporary Ethiopia forever. To me, that is the most important contribution than anything else.

Quite honestly, noting came close to Patriotic –Ginbot 7 since Kinjit swept Woyane and made it look like a lawless village gangs terrorizing our people ever since.

Therefore, four years ago when I express my feelings, I knew little what the newly found organization known as Ginbot 7 under Dr. Berhanu planned to do. But, I knew enough; leadership in an organization with well-defined mission is what matters the most and I was confident enough it will send Woyane in perpetual spin to its core soon. When I noticed how Woyane was so frightened before G7 even started its operation to call the Chairman and his compatriots terrorists and G7 a terrorist organization; it was clear Woyane is so shallow with no legs to stand on; it is no match for G7.

Personally, I knew Woyane is a corrupt criminal group — doing what it is hired to do and doing a wonderful job of its enablers. And, there is plenty of evidence to that end. The apologists are not far behind — laboring to save the criminal group than their people and country sanctity and safety –blinded by a little perk that trickle down their way. Quite frankly, it is hard to swallow –there are Ethiopians out there to be used to sell their people for anything rubbish as long they get what they perceived to be theirs.

But, what surprised many including me are the so called oppositions that claim to be standing for Ethiopians but tripping over each other to attack G7 and its leaders — instead of supporting them. There is nothing wrong to publicly express their concern and provide alternatives which would help the democratic building project. But, to throw fireball on a vibrant organization is what Woyanes do not real Ethiopians.

Therefore, I wrote;

“First and foremost Dr. Berhanu Nega is an elected leader of Ethiopia like his Kinjit partners that wiped the Woyane regime in the May 2005 Election. Love them or hate them he and the elected Kinjit’s leaders are the only people who can speak on behalf of the people of Ethiopia ever. No matter how much Woyane and its stooges scream their lungs out or what any other excuses we can come up with nothing come close to the Real-Thing.

But, for me; as it should be for everybody else– there is nothing as important as establishing the democratic rights of my people to choice their leaders. Therefore, knowing what Woyane is all about, I knew we needed someone with character, the moral clarity and love of people to dismantle the treacherous mercenary tyranny and felt Ginbot 7 under Dr. Berhanu leadership is the right movement to do the job.

Therefore I wrote;

“But, there is more to Dr. Berhanu Nega; his moral clarity towards tyranny in any form is unwavering. And, his willingness to get his hand dirty to make it history is real. This is a rare commodity we have lost in the last two generation.”

As I expected, the mercenary group determined to destroy every Ethiopian leader (past and present) has been at it ever since it came to power and are at Dr. Berhanu and his partners in G7 case. Others with serious character flaws continue to cry wolf to undermine Dr. Berhanu and his compatriots as we are witnessing.

Obviously, Dr. Berhanu and his partner in Patriotic-Ginbot 7 Movement don’t need my defense or praise. I also don’t want to hide behind them from not doing my responsibility as an Ethiopian. I, like many have my opinions and anxiety how we can best dismantle tyranny from the face of earth but, I believe talking about it without doing it would reduce me to the level of the do-noting talkers that infested our society –I have been writing about over the years. My motto is; do the right thing or stay aside and let others do it. If anyone violated that rule or insult any of my people that try I have no mercy on them to express my feeling.

The objective of this article is not to praise Dr. Berhanu and his partners in the movement. I said enough before and don’t want to make it a habit of living off of others’ efforts to cover up my own inadequacies as many do. But, this is another opportunity to tell the stooges of Woyane how carrying a mercenary regime on their shoulder reduces them as liars and thieves with no character or moral ground worthy of Ethiopians to criticize ANY Ethiopian organization. When they chose to go to bed with a mercenary Apartheid regime that rotted their mind and body they sealed their fate. But, going beyond to attack any Ethiopian that attempt to clean up the rot they help create have consequences.

At the meantime, I want to communicate to others– talk never build anything but, waist time and tear apart what was built. And, to build something worthy of our people requires visionary leaders that are willing to summit for the people will first to see clear to do the right thing not parasitic leaders that live off the blood and sweat of our people.

The problem with “Power sharing groups”

I have to admit, theses group are not kosher. They believe our people’s democratic right is up for grab to their liking. In other words; democratic rights can be auctioned off to their liking without the people consent for their convenient. They have many excuses why it is necessary and almost always use scare tactics if they don’t get their way. They have no problem with Woyane as long as it shares power with them that doesn’t belong to it. Our people democratic rights are secondary to their desire acquiring power without the consent of the people.

Quite frankly, theses groups more than any are what prolonged the life of tyranny for extended period throughout our history and the cause of tyrannical behavior to strive in our society.

The problem with ‘United struggle group’

These groups are no different than the power sharing group except they don’t have base to claim self-appoint themselves. Therefore, united struggle will give them platform to share power indirectly. Like the former, the democratic rights of our people are secondary but, use it to remain relevant. Like the former, they have many excuses and almost always put scare tactics if they don’t get their way.

Quite frankly, these groups more than any are what prolonged the division of democratic advocates for so long thus, the life of tyranny.

The question remained; can anyone claim to represent any group or individuals without their consent?

Advocacy Verses self-appointed Representation; the Africans dilemma and what the youth can learn.

Personally, I feel we Africans in general are poor and shackled by tyranny because of the elites that claim to represent our people without their consent. Ethiopians are no exceptions. The problem started with the elites not willing to accept (often deliberate) there is a difference between advocating for our peoples’ democratic rights and claiming to represent them. This naturally comes from underestimating our people’s ability to know what is right for them. In other words; it is looking down our people as children — as if they can’t speak for themselves and don’t know their rights and responsibilities to their people and country in need of self-appointed representative[s] to speak for them. In short, it is an insult to the intelligence of our people that are proven to be far more civilized than the elites that claim to represent them.

Therefore, what went wrong obviously will be the follow up question to address it.

Political parties and Advocacy group

If we take the way contemporary political elites are organized it is either as political party or advocacy group.

Political parties; whether national or regional primary goal is seeking political power. In order to achieve that there are two options, by the consent of the governed (election) or by the barrel of the gun (forced submission). The latter is proven deadly and made things worse than better. The former is proven difficult because tyranny wouldn’t leave power by election. Therefore, the only reason political parties should come together for common cause is to force the ruling tyranny to submit for the people will. But, our experience is they wouldn’t do it because they have other agenda they wouldn’t revile to in public—reflected in their public statement of democracy but, undemocratic deed in private.

Democracy Advocates

The future of any society and a nation rest on democracy advocates. Unfortunately, in Africa they are few and far in between. There are many human right advocates. Though their role is as important as any, unlike democratic advocates they are reactive to crimes of tyranny and are not equipped to dismantle tyranny.

But, Democracy Advocates are proactive to bring down tyranny on its knees and, the ruling tyranny is one small obstacle among many to achieve their goals. If truth must be told, tyranny fears democracy advocates more than any and has no legs to stand on as we are witnessing Woyane wobbling like a mad dog biting anyone on its way when democracy advocate show up. Look further how frightened it is on one independent Media like ESAT to spent millions of dollars to stop people from seeing its true color. Woyane is not alone to fear democracy advocates. Look around you and find out why democracy advocates are feared.

In that context is how I see Patriotic –Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy with a Mission of;
The primary mission of GINBOT 7 Movement is the realization of a national political system in which government power and political authority is assumed through peaceful and democratic process based on the free will and choice of citizens of the country.

Now look carefully how it is portrayed in the not so kosher Medias. Some portrait it as opposition political party and others as Amhara party and some even go to claim it is Shabia party. Depending who said it you can find they have done absolutely nothing …nada to advance the cause of our people’s democratic rights. I will take that back, they call for conferences to nowhere, write letters of protest and put out Press Releases to nowhere. If that was all we Ethiopians need to be free we would have been free long ago but, that is not the case.

Don’t take my word. Look them up and see for yourself what they do. I guarantee you will find out they have other missions than our peoples’ freedom and democratic rights. But, for sure you will see them piggybacking on those who labor to bring about democracy to our people and splitting hair to undermine them at the same time.

The Transparency Project is the key to sort out the real from fabricated organizations that involve in public affair to distract us as we witnessed for decades.

Patriotic –Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy is a movement to be emulated not undermined.

Let it be known to one and all. If you run an organization and fail the transparency test you might as well close shop and retire. The job of liberating our people from tyranny is not entertainment. If you have better alternative; put it out and let the people judge. Transparency matters; it shows what said and done reconciles. Leadership matters; it shows the willingness to take responsibility. Submission for the people will matter; it shows democracy is the goal not slogan. Most importantly, our people’s lives and wellbeing matters; it shows the struggle is about them not for lust for power and prestige.

Patriotic –Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy is in the right track on all counts. Show me a better alternative I will stand corrected. But, the era of botching what is good for our people is over. We have Woyane for that and, aiding and abiding Woyane doesn’t make you an alternative, it makes you a replica.


This article is dedicated for my people advocating for religion freedom that were sentenced for extended period by Woyane kangaroo court. Your people are with you in prison, out of prison, anywhere and everywhere until freedom rings soon.

Author : Debalke


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