Swedish member of parliament and US congress man speaks of atrocities in Ethiopia


A Swedish social democrat member of parliament Andres Osterbergon spoke at the Swedish parliament on Wednesday February 16,2007  at the atrocities committed by the Ethiopian regime against its citizens, while also crossing his wrists a sign of resistance by Ethiopians against a brutal regime made popular by Olympic silver medalist Feyisa Lelisa.

Andres Osterberg called on the parliament and the government of Sweden to put pressure on a regime,which he said is using the tactics of divide and rule and pitting one ethnic group on the other to hang on to power.

The Swedish MP, who recalled that Ethiopia and his country has a long history of cooperation and friend ship said we must also tell the truth to our friends even when it hurts.

He said even members of NGOs , not just member of political organizations risk punishment and imprisonment for working on human rights watch and amnesty international are banned in Ethiopia.

He highlighted the killing of hundreds of people in last year anti government protest, the massacre of hundreds at the Ireecha festival last October and the killing of about 400 people in Gambella.Osterberg also mentioned the names of high profile political prisoners and journalist who are illegally detained among tens of thousands of others.

In other news republican congress man of the US Chris Smith has vowed to introduce a bill that would punish Ethiopian officials and has said enough is enough to the killing and torture of Ethiopian peoples.

Rep.Chris Smith

Source : ESAT


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