A deliberate policy to impoverish and create long term instability in Ethiopia


TPLF fought for the liberation of Tigray from the rest of Ethiopia.The acronym of TPLF is the Tigray people liberation Front.They changed this policy at the verge of the decline of the derg regime and created a proxy political parties to dominate the entire Ethiopia.The TPLF did not fight for the interest of Ethiopia, to liberate Ethiopia or for the well-being of the Ethiopian people, but only for their own tribal interests.The change of this policy was to build Tigray from the resources of Ethiopia especially oromia . Prior to the Ethio-eritrean war Eritrean economy was also heavily reliant on Ethiopias import and export through it’s two main ports and the free trade it enjoys .Eritreans intelligence were able to operate freely with in Ethiopia , sometimes even kidnapping and taking Eritreans to Eritrea with out the know how of TPLF.Meles gradually wanted to change the two countries relationship .This resulted in Ethiopia shifting it’s usage of the port entirely to Djibouti and the change of currency .Meles saw Esayas as a threat to his throne; infact with out the support of Eritreans TPLF couldn’t have clinged to power.This steps by Meles eventually lead to the souring of relations between the two countries and Esayas wanted to exert some influence on TPLF and sent it’s troops to the town of badme and at the border with Tigray.Meles response was different he declared war on Eritrea and deported tens of thousands of Eritreans from Ethiopia in which their properties was confiscated by their neighbors,officials and their legally designated representatives. The Ethio-eritrean war from 1998 to 2000 claimed the life of 100,000 peoples from both sides and immense damage on Eritreans economy and infrastructure.The international court at the hague awarded the border Town of Badme to Eritrea.Meles refused to hand over the town and created a no war no peace status quo between the two countries.

The chief architect of dividing Ethiopia on Ethinic lines was the late prime minister Meles Zenawi.The inclusion of Article 39 with in Ethiopias Constitution was Mastermind by Meles himself to make it easier for the Tigray region to Secede from Ethiopia if necessary and to disintegrate Ethiopia.Even  Ethiopias Constitution is something on the paper when it comes to  Democracy and human rights.All of the horn of African countries share the same Ethnic and linguistics groups with Ethiopia.Eritrea Tigrigna,Kunama and Afar.Djibouti Afar and Somali.Somalia the Somalis.Its aim was to divide and rule Ethiopia for the people not to question the legitimacy of the regime by creating hatred among the major ethnic groups with in the nation.With the total domination of the intelligence and the leadership of the army  From the Tigray region TPLF become the dominant power in Ethiopia.

Tigray has virtually no resources when compared to the Amhara , oromia and southern part of Ethiopia .Its land is prone to droughts  and to rebuild their republic and to have influence in the diplomatic arena they created a federal system with the  TPLF being dominant in every aspect of the administration .TPLF was able to upgrade and build new infrastructure in the Tigray region.It was able to accumulate and robe billions of dollars from Ethiopians.It’s officials are corrupt from head to toe.

Keeping land in the absolute ownership of the state is also another tool which TPLF used to weaken any integration of Ethiopia by making it impossible the transfer or ownership of land to private farmers and developers.Majority or almost all of Ethiopias farming systems is traditional and the rate of population growth in rural areas is much more higher than that of urban areas.So is the rate of iliteracy ,maternal mortality ,infant mortality , access to health care , education and so on .keeping  Ethiopians as rural dwellers and it’s industrialization rate slower.



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