Three Tigrians stoned to death in Nekemet,Ethiopia


Ethnic violence is not showing signs of ease in Ethiopia.On October 30,2017 a local mob stoned to death three Ethnic Tigrians  to death in the western town of Ethiopia Nekemt .  They were killed following a massive demonstration in the city against the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front government. This is for the first time for Tigreans to experience violence of this nature.Ethnic violence is now at a crisis level. This is the third major ethnic violence in a week time. On October 22, dozens of Ethiopians of who are of Amhara ethnic background were killed in Chora and Dega zones in Buno Bedelle, South West Ethiopia.Two days ago, another deadly ethnic violence transpired in Benshangul Gumuz regional state in Western Ethiopia. Again, Ethiopians of Amhara origin were targeted and dozens were brutally killed. However, state media reported it as a conflict between individuals, not an attack against ethnic violence.


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